Bid to End Blindness (1/9)

United Arab Emirates


About the Cause

River blindness is a devastating disease that causes unbearable itching, bodily disfiguration and irreversible blindness. It affects children the most, either by making them dependent upon others due to infection or by making them drop out of school to care for infected parents.

Although it's been eliminated in many places around the world, 40m people are still at risk in Yemen, Sudan, Senegal, Niger, Mali, Ethiopia & Chad. The global effort to protect these countries is led by HRH the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi through Reaching the Last Mile, Emirates Red Crescent and YallaGive.

Their work is a proven success and their scalable model means that another 10 people will be protected from river blindness for life for each AED 1,000 you bid. 

You can only bid once... so bid as high as you can afford to and then encourage friends to outbid you.

About the Painting

In the main piece of the 9-piece art collection “Hajj Convergence”, Audrey Miller presents the global convergence in Makkah through colourful geometric art. 

Closer inspection reveals that the converging geometric patterns are actually made from famous landmarks in some of the many countries where pilgrims originate such as the Statue of Liberty in the USA and Big Ben in the UK.

The winning bidder will receive a limited edition 49" x 29" print signed with thanks by the artist as well as a digital file for display on a 4K smart canvas like the Samsung Frame. 

About the Artist

Audrey Miller is an American Designer and Artist who specializes in conceptualization and pattern-based art. Her fascination with the art of ancient civilisations led her to discover Islamic Art and then embrace Islam in 1998. 

She moved to Syria in 2006 where she spent 3 years researching Ancient Ornamentation in the Middle East. She then moved to Dubai in 2011 where she became the senior design project coordinator for HRH the Crown Prince of Dubai. Hajj Convergence marks her return to art after a traumatic brain injury almost robbed her of her eyesight.


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United Arab Emirates

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السعر الأدنى - 500.00AED

أعلى مزاودة - 1,500.00AED

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