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The August 4th explosion at the Port of Beirut that killed nearly 200 people, injured 6,000, and damaged 300,000 homes, has exacerbated the country’s hardships brought on by the worsening economic crisis and COVID-19 pandemic. This convergence of crises has had dire consequences for the countries’ estimated 400,000 migrant workers, including 250,000 employed as domestic workers, many of whom have been left homeless, without work and unable to return home. 

Many lost their homes as shared accommodations and temporary shelters housing migrants were damaged or destroyed. Many workers also lost their belongings, passports, and money, and some were forced to sleep on the streets.

The general goal of the project stems from the vision and mission of the Association, which is to secure a decent life for foreign workers  who have been affected by the poor economic conditions that the country is going through and enable them to live in dignity until they are repatriated back home.

Domestic Migrant Workers (Anti-Racism Initiative- Al Makan- Ahlan) Project

- Providing shelter for homeless domestic migrant workers of all nationalities: Ethiopian, Sudanese, Bangladeshi ...

- Providing food, drinks, clothes. 

- Providing psychosocial support. 

- Providing Legal support by partnering with local NGOs.

- Providing medical support by partnering with local NGOs.

- Seeking to secure travel tickets to return to their home country.

- Empowering them and developing their skills: through launching training courses in various fields: sewing, cooking, embroidery, handicrafts, hair dressing, Henna art, etc.


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