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Sandil K
United Arab Emirates


We're a group of students from Operation Smile CIA hoping to raise funds and spread awareness about Operation Smile UAE. As a team from an inter-team competition by OSCIA, we have come up with the idea to host a quiz game online, which aims to help raise awareness about cleft conditions through talks at the start and end of the campaign. All participants would be expanding their knowledge on Operation Smile and be refining their social skills by meeting, playing with and against new people! This idea soon became: Guess4Smiles.

The game:

There would be pixelated and zoomed-in pictures of famous celebrities' smiles (most of whom have been involved with Operation Smile), where the participants have to guess who it is. The difficulty will increase every round; during rounds, the hosts will share facts about OS and interact with the contestants. As the game comes to an end, the top 3 winners will be asked the same question based on OS and would have to answer before the other.

Where can you find/contact us:



Stay tuned by checking out our Instagram for more news and how to join. Thanks for the support!

Help us reach our goal to raise funds for cleft surgeries and change children's lives forever! A cleft surgery costs on average 880 DHS with the help of operation smile, so why not be part of the change?


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Sandil K
United Arab Emirates

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