"The Prophet (pbuh) said, “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbor to his side goes hungry.” Give Back This Ramadan

300KM for 10,000 meals

Afrah Mohideen
United Arab Emirates


As we all know, COVID 19 has resulted in the complete transformation of our lives in a matter of months. A pandemic that has truly forced us to reflect and question what is important.    Currently,  there are a number of  vulnerable families that are struggling due to restrictions and loss of  their jobs.  They are unable to fulfil their basic life necessities.

Therefore, together with my sisters, Nuha and Safa, we would like to encourage generosity during this holy month of Ramadan, in order to help our immediate community.  

As a result, we have decided to collectively run/swim/cycle 300km over the course of this week 07/05-14/05. We will be using our outdoor track facilities in and around our compound "District 1" to raise funds for the ‘UAE’s 10million meals campaign’. This campaign provides meals/parcels to be distributed to vulnerable families and individuals across the UAE.     

Without a doubt, with the help of our generous friends and family we will be able to make a tremendous impact to those in need.      Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Afrah Mohideen

Let’s join hands to make sure no one sleeps with an empty stomach….


Every Donation Counts:

80 AED  will provide 10 meals     

200 AED will provide 25 meals   

400 AED will provide 50 meals    

800 AED will provide 100 meals                

1200 AED will provide  150 meals

Funds raised through this campaign will be routed to the 10 Million Meals campaign in collaboration with Social Solidarity Fund Against Covid-19.


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Afrah Mohideen
United Arab Emirates

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