About us

YallaGive is the first licensed online donation and crowdfunding platform in the Middle East. We also have an international outreach and presence. We offer personal crowdfunding and online fundraising for our members around the world. 

We are an innovative fundraising and crowdfunding platform headquartered in the UK, and we are officially registered in the UK and the UAE. 

Our mission is to make the world a better place by empowering innovative fundraising and providing trusted services for both donors and causes. 

What makes us different?

  • We only allow registered charities to open charitable accounts, and we have created a verifiable system to block any scams (learn more here).
  • We are proud to be the first platform of its kind that provides fully-authenticated services entirely based on blockchain technology where privacy, authenticity, and efficiency is key. 

Give a Smile and Make Happiness Happen

YallaGive has launched the Give a Smile initiative, which is a sponsored initiative by corporate partners. 

We were inspired by the hadith of prophet Muhammad – Your smile to your brother is a charity. From this idea, we launched Give with a Smile where users can “give a smile” to each campaign they like, and we will donate a set amount for each smile given to the campaign. 

Give with a Smile is not available in all countries yet, but we are trying our best to make it available everywhere we have registered offices. 

We are always eager to know how we can improve our services! Please write to us if you have any suggestion here.    

Why We Call it YallaGive

“Yalla” is an Arabic word used throughout the Middle East. It is also used by non-Arabic speakers who work or live with Arabs, as the Arabs use this word more than 50 times a day! 

The meaning of Yalla is an informal request to act on something. For instance, your friend could tell you, “Yalla let’s go!” and it would mean a casual request to get going. The other meaning of Yalla, which is more formal (Ya Allah), is a prayer to God and literally could mean “Oh God.”