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Terms & conditions for charity members

Obligations of the "Platform":

1. The "Platform" shall allow and enable the charity member "the NPO" to access the "the platform", and manage its own fundraising campaigns and page through an account and a digital space provided by "the Platform".

2. "The Platform" shall provide the technical support whenever needed.

3. "The Platform" shall provide the services without any administrative fees, and without prejudice to the NPO's obligation to pay any other fees required by an intermediate stage between the collection and transfer of donations to the NPO's bank account.

4. The 'Platform' shall be contracted with charities based in Dubai, UAE, through its license with the International Humanitarian City, Dubai ( Yalla Give FZ-LLC, license number 150107)

4.1 All charities based in the UAE (except in the emirate of Dubai), will be contracted with Yalla Give FZ-LLC (Sharjah Branch, license number 2117127.01)

4.2 All charities in other countries (other than the UAE) shall be contracted with YallaGive Limited, United Kingdom, (license number 11526332).

Obligations of the "the NPO":

1.       "The NPO" shall individually manage NPO’s promotional campaign on the Platform without any interference from "the Platform" other than the technical support to be provided by the First Party when necessary. The NPO is responsible for providing a valid fundraising permit as per the local legislations. 

2.       “The NPO” acknowledges the validity and integrity of the documents provided ‘Platform’ and that the NPO is established in accordance with the provisions of the local law.

3.      “The NPO” also undertakes to publish all documents and licenses related to its establishment or a permit to collect donations on its account at the "platform" - If required.

4.       "The NPO" shall recognize the right of "the Platform" to retain all information and data related to the size of donations, donors and other data that might duly be requested by the regulators and to provide such data to law enforcement agencies upon request.

5.       "The NPO" shall Commit to all the legal rules and procedures stipulated in the relevant local laws in respect of fundraising and shall be solely responsible to the competent authorities for any violation related to the provisions of this law.

6.       "The NPO" shall notify the Platform of any updated activities relating to The Association's legal status in terms of NPO’s licensing, the scope of work.. etc. Within one week of the occurrence of such updates.

7.       "The NPO" shall notify "the Platform" of NPO’s bank account information, and other data necessary to transfer the donations to the NPO’s bank account.

8.       "the NPO" shall notify the competent authorities in a copy of this contract.

9.       "the NPO" shall acknowledge and confess the right of "the Platform" to terminate "the agreement" unilaterally and without prior notice at any time if the law enforcement authorities request to terminate "the agreement".


The parties agreed to the fees of the "platform" are only 4% deducted from the donors and will be listed on the electronic payment gateway page as administrative fees on the donor.

The NPO agreed to the 2.5% third party charges intended for the bank and credit card fees which will be deducted to the net donation during payout. 

Annexed agreements:

The Parties acknowledge and agree that each of the "Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy Policy" of "the Platform" and published on Platform's website are an integral part of this" Agreement".


The parties agree to use email as the primary means of legal notice. Each party shall notify the other party within a period not exceeding one month if the address indicated in the contract is changed to the location of the new address.

Governing Law

The Parties have agreed that the courts of England and Wales shall be the competent authority to look after any dispute arising out of the interpretation or application of this contract.

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