Running 100 Kilometers in 10 Days

Aditi Jayachandran
United Arab Emirates


My name is Aditi Jayachandran, I am 16 years old and I will be running to raise funds to support the foundation Doctors Without Borders in the light of the global pandemic. Due to the current situation, doctors, nurses, and medical staff are working tirelessly to ensure that we can all stay home and stay safe. To give back to these individuals, I will be running one hundred kilometers over ten days to raise funds given directly to Doctors Without Borders. Doctors Without Borders is an international non- governmental organization that serves people who need care in countries affected by medical calamities. I am looking forward to running for this great cause. If you wish to contribute towards supporting my initiative, feel free to donate. Every dirham would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


#Update 21st June- 10.20 km 22nd June- 10.00 km 23rd June- 10.10 km 24th June- 10.25 km 25th June- 10.01 km 26th June- 4.04 km 27th June- 14.00 km 28th June- 10.00 km 29th June- 12.47 km 30th June- 10.02km Total: 101 kilometers in 10 days! #Update #Update

Aditi Jayachandran
United Arab Emirates

Fundraising for - COVID-19 Crisis Fund of
Raised : 1,248.45AED
Raised 12%
Goal : 10,000.00AED
Created May 21, 2020

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