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Nearly 30 million of 277 million Indonesia are still living below the poverty line. Mostly they cannot have access to proper medical assistance due to fund constraints. Let’s join us provide free health services for underprivileged families.

Indonesia is known as the country with the fourth-largest population in the world with a population of 277 million people. Nearly 30 million of them are still living below the poverty line which means they mostly lives in remote areas. The number of people living in poverty rises every year, and this is exacerbated by Covid-19.

This condition will arise many social problems, health is the major problem. Based on the Personalized Healthcare Index, Indonesia’s healthcare index is ranked 11th out of 11 Asia Pacific countries. The data is in accordance with the reality that happened.

Underprivileged Indonesians do not have access to proper health care, particularly in remote areas because of uneven and inadequate health infrastructure: most hospitals and public health clinics are still centered in big cities.

Aside from the high expense of treatment, to reach the hospital, they have to rent an ambulance which costs a lot of money. Even if there is a hospital nearby, many have a lack of health workers, especially doctors. Therefore, they fail to get proper medical treatment, even though their condition is very worrying, and are forced to endure the pain for who knows how long and even leads to death.

How ACT respond to the health issues in communities?

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Foundation, one of the largest non-profit organizations in Indonesia has various health assistance programs to overcome health problems and improve the quality of Indonesian health services.

Through Humanity Medical Service (HMS) is a free health and medical service program for underprivileged families in Indonesia and even the world, ACT provides proper medical care with competent doctors and medical staff in an attempt to save the underprivileged families, particularly in remote areas.

Free health service for the victims of Semeru eruption.

After the eruption of Mount Semeru, Lumajang Regency, Indonesia at the end of 2021, ACT's Humanity Medical Services (HMS) Team immediately went to the disaster site to provide assistance and emergency health services for affected victims by the eruption.

Even though the vehicle of the ACT HMS Team had to pass through a road that was difficult to access and continue to walk one kilometer across a bridge and up a hill, it was not an obstacle to helping residents suffering from diseases caused by eruptions like diarrhea, coughs, and colds.

ACT’s Home Care Health Services Help a Patient.

An elderly man is one of the beneficiaries in Bogor City, Indonesia, was grateful for the coming of the Humanity Medical Services team at his home.

“At around 07.30 we called ACT to ask for medical assistance. Thank God, in the afternoon, a nurse came to check on my husband," said the wife.

ACT's Humanity Medical Careline service is a telemedicine service or health service without charging any fees, starting from doctor consultations, medicines, electronic prescriptions, borrowing oxygen cylinders, home care, ambulances and etc.


Let’s Join us to provide free health services for Indonesian underprivileged families.

Every donation you will be channeled in the form of medical assistance such as helping hospital care costs, medical treatments, providing ambulances, home care programs, and other medical reliefs.


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