Life-Saving Surgery for the Conjoined Twins

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None can bear looking at their suffering. The four-month-old Kanaka has a congenital heart defect (CHD) that severely affects growth, while Inaka has no genitals and anus as well as short legs on one side.

The living expenses of Inaka and Kanaka are costly, whereas their parents’ income is uncertain. And is worsened by the raging pandemic in Indonesia.

Inaka and Kanaka cannot drink breast milk, they must drink special formula milk which costs 92 AED per can. One can of milk runs out in 2 days. The need for milk alone is burdensome, not to mention other necessities such as weekly hospital check-ups.

Now, Inaka and Kanaka urgently must undergo conjoined twin separation surgery in order to remain alive.

Will you help us save these two innocent souls, and give hope for their future? Your donation supports:

  1. Cost of separation operations
  2. Daily basic necessities (such as formula milk, diapers, etc.)
  3. Nursing cost
  4. Compensation for both parents

Every Dirham counts!


ACT (Aksi Cepat Tanggap, which means 'quick response') was established in 2005 as a foundation that works in the social and humanitarian fields. ACT acts in emergency response, post-disaster recovery programs, community empowerment and development, Qurban, Zakat and, Waqf.

ACT has helped a total of almost 47 million needy people from 76 countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe, with 467 thousand volunteers.



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