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Indonesia hasn’t recovered from the economic crisis severely caused by the Pandemic. Staple foods have become luxuries - We need your help!

Though the COVID-19 cases gradually subsided, the sufferings remain. The Indonesian economic downturn has left vulnerable families with a high record number of food insecurity.

Reporting from Sindonews news portal, National University (Unas) sociologist Sigit Rochadi stated in August 2021 that there was an increase in poverty rates in Indonesia due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The poverty rate increased to 15-17%.

Based on the statement of the Minister of the National Development Planning Agency, Suharso Monoarfa, the impact of the pandemic has also caused 9.77 million Indonesians to become unemployed. The absence of income causes their inability to meet their daily needs.

The significant deterioration of income causes their inability to meet their daily needs.

ACT Foundation initiated the Subsidized Groceries Program. We aim to provide a variety of staple food packages at an affordable price for lower-middle-class households.

Each buyer is only charged 50% of the original prices, which includes: rice, cooking oil, sugar, salt, tea bags, canned food, and soy sauce. Various “Low-Priced Staple Food Stalls” will be spread out throughout Indonesia.

A million Indonesian less fortunate families are dependent on your generous heart. Click “Donate Now”!

Surely, big or small, wipe out the food insecurities.

About ACT Foundation

ACT is a foundation working in social and humanitarian fields. Established in 2005, our work.

includes emergency response, post-disaster recovery programs, as well as community empowerment and development.

We also take part in every global humanitarian tragedy such as natural disasters, famine, and drought, conflicts, and wars, including the oppression of minority groups in various countries.

ACT Foundation has helped a total of almost 47 million needy people from 76 countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe, with 467 thousand volunteers.

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