Qurban Meat for the Poor Families in Indonesia

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Due to the economic recession caused by covid-19, many of our less fortunate families in Indonesia have had to face the burden of living.

Residents in Cakung Barat, East Jakarta, expressed their feelings in one of the communities where our Qurban distribution is taking place. Cakung Barat has a population of 13,924 people.

Cakung Barat's economic situation is poor, with the majority of the people working as laborers and earning an average of USD 70-80 per month. The Covid-19 outbreak had a direct influence on Cakung Barat's economy, with many workers laid off as a result of several businesses closing owing to limitations on communal activities.

This condition has led to an increase in the number of people who are of low economic status. It is already very difficult to meet daily needs, and nutritional needs such as meat consumption.

With Aidil Adha approaching, the biggest celebration day for Muslims, this is the momentum to strengthen piety and share happiness with those in need. Bring joy to the thousands of families’ houses by sharing qurban meat during Eid al-Adha days.

This sadaqah Qurban is very meaningful for the brothers and sisters in Cakung Barat and more villages in Indonesia who are in need, at least to meet their food needs during Aidil Adha.

Here is the price of each sacrificial animal:

You can participate in this Qurbani moment starting from $10. Later, your Qurban will be distributed across Indonesia, particularly to people of rural communities who have yet to benefit from qurban!

Since 2012, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has successfully distributed your Qurban aid to our brothers and sisters in all underprivileged areas in Indonesia and other countries.

Insya Allah, every alms of your qurban meat is very meaningful for the brothers and sisters in need. Our sincere prayers are that you and your family will always be blessed, facilitated, helped, and sustained. Amen to Rabbal Alamin. Jazakumullah khayran

Let’s perform your best Qurban now!


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