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Childhood is the most crucial stage of human life. We are taught to be clever students, as well as to be kind people to others. Education is highly essential. That’s why proper education must be received by everyone. 

Unfortunately, over 150 thousand children in Indonesia can not afford an education properly. They were forced to drop out of school due to financial issues. Their parents work as laborers and farmers, so they have salary instability.

Since 2005, the ACT Foundation has taken a leading role in helping children have a better quality education. We support less fortunate students who drop out of school by giving them scholarships, meals, and school supplies, and also renovating school buildings.

We have worked on domestic and international projects as part of our mission to help every human being to have a better education, regardless of ethnicity, culture, geography, or religion. One of our programs is “Reviving Children's Lives in the Outer Islands".  We have been sponsoring children in 907 villages! But with your help, they can get a higher education and take proper courses at school.

In Indonesia, sometimes children are absent from school just to help their parents work in the rice fields or any other job with the intention of adding to their income. Mid-range of June to August is the opening time for registering for new classes or grades at school. They really need much more money to buy school supplies.

Your donations will help provide scholarships and buy school supplies. With this support, they can continue their education and at least wear shoes to go to school (there are many children still using sandals instead of shoes for school).

You can sponsor children for just AED 272 per month, per child; that's as little as AED 9 a day to help. Let’s make a significant change in children’s lives!

We have no minimum amount of donation and will appreciate your support! Let’s help children to have a better quality of education!


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