Valuing Water; Valuing Life

The Water Project, Inc.
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Valuing Water

There are few things more valuable than water but finding it is a daily challenge for young girls, moms and boys in subSaharan Africa.  Millions still suffer from a lack of access to safe and reliable water.  Providing a reliable and safe water source will unlock their potential by restoring health and returning time for study, work, and imagination.

How You Can Help

You can provide clean, safe and reliable water today. Every donation supports a specific water project.  Your gift enables our local teams to build water wells, small dams, spring protections and rainwater catchments.  Then, together, we'll make sure they keep working for years to come through our ongoing monitoring.  

Our goal for this campaign is to raise AED50,000.  Thank you for valuing water with us!

Read stories, watch videos and learn more about the water crisis and our response at:

or contact us at:



We're launching our end of year fundraiser to help reach the goal of AED50,000 for clean water during the 50th year anniversary of the United Arab Emirates! 

Donate 50 dirhams, and get 50 of your friends to do the same! 


Ramadan Mubarak.  The Water Project is pleased to announce that we are now listed as one of the charities eligible to receive Zakat al Mal. 

To do so visit: then select Zakat al Mal and choose The Water Project from the dropdown menu of charities.  Your gift will bring clean, reliable water to families in need.  Thank you.


World Water Day is in two days.  We're just getting started with our campaign.  Show how much you value water by giving today, and help girls, boys, men and women in Kenya - they value it too!

Read stories and see photos and videos to get a inside look:

Start your own support campaign, share it on social media and invite your friends, families and co-workers to give.  It's simple and legal!  Get started:

The Water Project, Inc.
United Arab Emirates

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