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Vineet Vishal
United Arab Emirates



Our upcoming white collar boxing event, held in partnership with Gulf for Good, epitomizes the spirit of challenge and charity. These brave souls, all novices in the ring, have dedicated the past 12 weeks to rigorous training, preparing to step into the spotlight for a noble cause. On the 8th of June, they will showcase their newly honed skills at a gala event in Dubai, battling not just for victory, but for a much greater purpose. Each punch thrown and every round fought supports the admirable mission of the Foundation for African Empowerment (FAE). This vital charity works tirelessly in Tanzania to uplift the most vulnerable children and young people, including those with special educational needs and disabilities. Through initiatives in education, healthcare, and empowerment, FAE is making significant strides in improving lives. Our boxers’ participation in this event not only tests their limits but also raises essential funds and awareness, contributing to a cycle of empowerment and growth that reaches far beyond the ring.


Foundation of African Empowerment (FAE) - Inclusive Early Childhood Development Center

Early Childhood Development is a period of rapid and critical development-from conception to 6 years. Quality nurturing care during this period-adequate nutrition, good health care, protection, play and early education-is vital for children’s physical, cognitive, linguistic and psychosocial development.

Samaria village located on the foothill of Mt Meru in the South West of Kilimanjaro International Airport in Arusha region with an estimated 5000 people lack quality IECD services. After been contacted and with the recognition of the importance of IECD services, FAE has started implementing IECD services since September 2022 though under challenging conditions.

Because of using improper residential premises, currently, FAE has been able to support 60 children aged 2-6 years leaving out many children in need mostly those with SEND. FAE has managed to get individual donor support for 10 children. With the aim of reaching over 200 children, FAE is proposing to the Gulf for Good for financial support to build a proper IECD centre mainly containing three classrooms, an office and playground so that more children who are in need of IECD services can be reached and the program can meet the government standards.


Each participant is tasked with raising a minimum of AED5,000 (USD1,360) to support this project and, together, change the lives of these children and families.

This challenge is held in association with local not-for-profit Gulf for Good, whose purpose is to change the lives of underprivileged children around the world.

The breakdown of how donations are distributed are as follows:

- 75% of funds raised go to The Foundation of African Empowerment

- 15% of funds raised go to Gulf for Good (not-for-profit in the UAE and registered UK charity) for their sustainability

- 10% of funds raised go to International Humanitarian City for their emergency response work


Vineet Vishal
United Arab Emirates

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